About Chantel

Chantel Jackson is a native New Yorker and candidate for New York State Assembly for the 79th District in The South Bronx. Child of an immigrant mother from Belize, and American born father, Chantel proudly claims, “Soy de Belice,” while giving honor to her African ancestors. Chantel is also a dedicated member of her community, deeply connected and engaging in work which is selfless and life-changing. She is a proud UFT member and social worker at an NYC public high school, college professor and published author. 

Becoming a teen mother is never an easy hurdle to overcome, but she embraced the difficulty and managed to not only survive but to thrive. After Chantel graduated from The City College of New York with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, she took action to support her adopted community, The Bronx, by serving as the youngest board member at her cooperative and organizing multiple voter registration drives. As a college advisor for low-income first-generation high school students, she has helped thousands of students get into college and receive financial aid. It was at this time, after becoming a mother, a college graduate, and a community leader that Chantel understood what spirited her passions; empowering people. She received a Masters Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University, received her license and assists high school students in their holistic wellness. Chantel was never one to back down from a challenge, but to embrace the hardships of these students’ mental, physical and spiritual health whilst employed as a Professor at The College of New Rochelle. 

Chantel believes that her W.H.E.N. (Wellness, Housing, Education, Now!) mission, will genuinely and totally transform her district into an even more healthy and wealthy community. Of the 62 counties in New York State, the Bronx holds the title as the unhealthiest county. Chantel wants to reduce high rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and asthma by addressing the environmental factors that are the causes of these issues. She wants to properly fund mental health services and increase insurance for uninsured and underinsured people. When it comes to housing, she wants to continue creating affordable housing, lower evictions and increase homeownership. Chantel wants to make sure the neediest school districts receive the funding owed to them by New York State. She wants to increase education in the RBCs; Real Estate, Business, Credit & Stocks.

She has been endorsed by DC37, NYSUT, UFT, Local 372,  Assemblyman Michael Blake, State Senator Luis Sepulveda, and State Senator Brian Benjamin. God has instructed her to run this race with dignity, ease, and grace.